*SUPER STAR SUPPORTER* - 3/2/2014 [Article] “S e x y Charisma” Park Jung Min gets close with fans in Europe during his tour
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On February 1st, Park Jung Min held a concert in Paris. It was the second stop of his “Reverso Tour” in Europe, a tour during which the artist shows two sides of his personality. Park Jung Min and Romeo.


At first, the concert started with the talented pianist Choi Soo Min. Even though the crowd had mostly gathered for Park Jung Min, Choi Soo Min immediately gathered a huge popularity inside the venue with his remixed interpretations of classical pieces (such as Pachelbel’s Canon or Vivaldi’s Winter), as well as his own compositions. Mixing classical tunes with rock beats, he awed everyone with his music.

But it was soon Park Jung Min’s turn to perform at “Divan du monde” – the name of the venue, that litterally means “Couch of the world”. And just as if he was indeed relaxing on a couch, Park Jung Min performed all of his songs with ease, interacting with fans just as if they were friends or close relatives. According to the event’s MC, he even asked to not have any barriers separating the crowd from the stage, so that he would be closer to his fans.

Despite the dark and mysterious aura surrounding Romeo (his stage name

used for his activities in Japan), as soon as he started talking, his easy-going and bright personality showed up. Playfully and jokingly, he tried to speak french, said he’ll become the fans’ korean teacher, called himself a pig (while showing his tummy) and showed much more cute actions.

As for his performances, they included not only his solo songs (Not Alone, Give Me Your Heart, Beautiful, Hide and Seek Love, etc.) but also OST songs (from his previous drama as well as the yet-to-be-released OST for Empress Ki) and even some SS501 songs.


Once the concert was over, Park Jung Min greeted the fans with VIP tickets with a bright smile and a soft handshake during a Meet & Greet session. He talked with fans using any language he could (including chinese or japanese), and promised them that he’ll come back soon, as well as said this concert was “génial”: the french word for “daebak”, that he had just learned a few minutes before.

Park Jung Min will keep getting closer to fans on Monday, 3rd with his show in Moscow, Russia, organized by
B7Klan whom we thank for inviting us at the concert in Paris

ترجمه ادامه مطلب
در یکم فوریه پارک جونگمین کنسرتی در پاریس برگزار کرد این دومین گام از تور “Reverso Tour” بود،توری که هنرمند دو روی متفاوت از خود نشان میدهد،پارک جونگ مین و رومئو
در ابتدا کنسرت با نوازنده ی پیانوی پر استعداد چویی سو مین شروع شد،گرچه جمعیت برای دیدن پارک جونگ مین اومده بودند؛چویی سو مین با محبوبیت زیاد برای نواختن ریمیکس قطعه های کلاسیک وارد صحنه شد(مثل تصمیم پاچلبل یا زمستان ویوالدی) با یه ساخت عالی.او جمعیت رو با مخلوط آهنگ کلاسیک و ضربان راک ترساند
ولی جونگ مین خیلی زود برای اجرا روی Divan du monde (اسم صحنه که معنیه (آخر دنیا(مطمئن نیستم))بود).و انگار راحت لم داده بود؛جونگ مین راحت تمام آهنگ هاش رو اجرا کرد و این روی فنا هم تاثیر گذاشت درست مثل دوست ها و یا کسایی که روابط نزدیک دارن (الکی نشدن pjm family  که).طبق اتفاقات افتاده،جونگ مین خواست که کسی مانع جدایی جمعیت و استیج نشه(عزیزم)پس اون  با این کار به فناش نزدیک تر شد
با اینکه هاله ی تاریک و اسرار آمیزی رومئو رو فرا گرفته بود(اسم استیجی که تو ژاپن فعاله)تا شروع به صحبت کرد ببی قیدی و شخصیت روشنش معلوم شد بازیگوش و شوخ،سعی کرد فرانسوی حرف بزنه و گفتش فن معلمای کره ای شده،(وقتی شکمشو نشون داد)به خودش گفت خوک،و کلی کارای جذاب و بانمک دیگه رو هم نشون داد
با توجه به اجراهاش،فقط آهنگای سولوش نبود(Not Alone, Give Me Your Heart, Beautiful, Hide and Seek Love, etc.)بلکه آهنگ OST (سریال قبلیش و آهنگ Empress Ki که هنوز منتشر نشده )و همین طور بعضی از آهنگای ss501
درحالی که کنسرت تموم میشد،جونگ مین با لبخند درخشان و  دست دادن نرم توی جلسه سلام و درود فنای VIP بود،با هر زبانی که میتونست با فنا صحبت کرد(شامل چینی و ژاپنی) او به فنا قول داد به خوبی کنسرتش که  “génial” (به فرانسوی یعنی daebak) که چند لحظه قبل یاد گرفته بود بازگشت داشته باشه 
پارک جونگ مین نزدیک شدن به فنا رو با کنسرت مسکوی روسیه که توسط B7Klan کسی که فکر کنیم ما رو به کنسرت پاریس دعوت کرده بود تشکیل شده ادامه میده

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